CPD Sub-Group

  1. Do we continue with regular meetings over the winter period (Oct to April)?
    The general consensus was Yes.
  2. If we continue with regular meetings, do we retain the current frequency?
  3. If we continue with regular meetings, do we change or alternate the day between Wednesday and Thursday to try to pull in more coaches?
  4. How do we provide effective CPD for Herts Coaches?
  5. If we do at regular meetings, how often should we schedule CPD and if so how, how do we publicise it, how often? can we skype-cast it or should it only be available for attendees to encourage social interchange of coaches etc? Should it be available later generally online? is online should it be limited to Herts Coaches or available as a general resource to archery?
  6. Should we consider bringing external speakers? (such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists) and if so How can we fund occasional external speakers? There is currently money available in the budget and there may be regional as well as county money. Sports Partnership could also be considered
  7. Should we visit Hertfordshire clubs to do coaching sessions there as part of outreach?
  8. Why is meeting attendance poor? A previous questionnaire was unhelpful? Should another questionnaire be sent? Should it be anonymous? Can it be on the web?
  9. How do we increase attendance at HGAC meetings? should we rotate through other venues?
  10. Can HGAC set up its own website as HAA website has out of date information and we have no control over it.