Level 1 (Session)

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If you want to help people new to archery to learn how to shoot safely & get the most out of their experience, then the Session Coach (Level 1) course will introduce you to essential beginner coaching knowledge, attributes, & practice.

About the course

The course is designed to help coaches learn how to deliver engaging sessions for beginners, including design and delivery of a beginner’s course, which is the most popular way for archery clubs to welcome new members.

The course is structured into the following module titles:

1. Starting Your Coaching Journey

Being a coach is in itself a learning journey, where we adapt and refine our skills by learning from our experiences. This module identifies simple yet must-have skills for coaches, including how to develop an empowering climate, and using reflection and feedback to take action towards improvement.

2. Creating Engaging Sessions

Coaching offers us a wonderful opportunity to offer new people to our sport something in life that is increasingly missing from day to day activities. This is a sense of achievement, development, and connection alongside the multitude of health benefits. But this doesn’t happen by accident, it takes a real coach to curate a session that has all the right ingredients for beginners to really enjoy and benefit from the session. This module invites coaches to explore how they can create sessions that meet their audience’s needs.

3. Introduction to Technique

Every archer knows that learning good shooting technique early on sets you up for a happy and healthy experience of archery. From a coach’s perspective, understanding the basics of shooting form and teaching these to your beginners from the first session is really important. This module helps coaches to learn the simple steps to shooting and how to introduce this to new archers, based on their individual needs. It includes a practical introduction on the use of drills and skills to improve the quality of practice.

4. Supported Practice & Presentation

As much as we love the theory of coaching, we can only test ourselves by giving it a go with a real audience. This module provides you with the time to practice what you’ve learned from all of the other modules. We’re not expecting perfection, and this is all about learning. By picking a local mentor, someone you trust and can learn with, you will have the support you need on the ground. After some practice, coaches return for the final day of the course, ready to provide a sample coaching session with your peers on the course.

The course includes a series of assessments, designed within a supportive programme of learning that helps you achieve successful outcomes.

Time: 9amto12pm

Duration: 6 months

Language: English

Institution: Aquarius