Level 3 (County)

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The County Coaching course readies you to work with talented archers in a performance environment. Tutored and assessed by a Senior Coach, this gives you detailed analysis, tuning and knowledge of archers and their equipment

Course overview

The County Coach modules to be trained and then assessed at the end of the course are:

Module 1: Work record, suitability and commitment

Module 2: Written communication (internally structured assessment by the Tutor)

Module 3: Verbal communication

Module 4: Performance Coaching

Module 5. Analysis, tuning and knowledge of archery equipment

Module 6. Fundamental coach training and assessment

One assessor should be available for every two or three learners.

The course duration is 8 days, followed by 1 day assessment. The assessment usually consists of 2 learners per 2 assessors.

Once the course has been planned, please complete the Course Registration Form and return it to coaching@archerygb.org. This will then be assessed, approved, and advertised on our Course Finder. There is a course registration fee of £25.00.

The Course Organiser is responsible for meeting all costs of the course, such as venue hire, tutoring and assessment fees and expenses.

Time: 9am to 4.30pm

Duration: 18 months

Language: English

Institution: Lockton